System Explanation :

There are one industrial pc and siemens plc to saving data and control
panel. There are 3 pieces low mounting line ,caliper line and mounting line. Firstly production starts low mounting line. Through a variety of test machines are tested in Caliper line of caliper. The test results are ok conveyor automatically continue, if it isnt ok warning that testing machine station gives NOK. After this operation brakes goes to mounting line. And start to mounting brake on the line. And there are some test machines on the line and it checks that it is correct or incorrect.


Implementation Results :

  • It has access to high-speed production and manufacturing.
  • It has provided to traceability and reporting.
  • Produced data dashboard (torque, barcode labels, etc.) are recognized by the system.


Equipment :

  • PLC : Siemens
  • Computer : Industrial Pc
  • Communication : Ethernet/Profibus
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