Peks Automation company was founded 15.02.2008. Peks Automation Company it has established its professional staff in a very short time, creating the organization and company strategy. To ensure that our customers maintain machinery and is established to provide solution to the problem of the automation of the production with the best technological solutions in line with customer requests the needs of our basic principles of our company without any problems. In addition to the cost of the most prominent problem that today’s conditions of our customers appropriate solutions to offer the cheapest cost of our basic principle. All automation system, electric installation,programming establish with each own branch professional staff. Machine design is realized with our costumer’s desire and mix our experince with carefully.

Company Commercial Name :
P.E.K.S. Otomasyon Elektrik Elektronik Makine
San. Tic. Ltd. Şti.


Tax Administration: Çekirge
Data Number: 719 023 46 08
Registered Number of Room: 75277
Commercial Registry Number: 65999

Partner of Company:
Mustafa SERT
Ahmet Serdar ŞEN



To contribute tge country technological development and to allow companies to compete internationally with, by following the developments in computer and automation technologies in the world abd introducing and adjusting those recent developments to the other instutions in the country with the staff experienced in automation, mechanical manufacturing, project implementation considering the human psilosophy first and then the awareness of environment and society. Besides, in industrial firms which manufacture; to improve hardware that will provide oppurtunity to real time prodution management and administrative software that will make production management perfect, to convey information and experiences to whom it may concern in informatic and industrial sector, to support the improvement of business partnership and industrial firm in the matter of the present sitvation of information technologies in production management.



PEKS Automation aims to become a firm which solve the problems of customers, perform the technology-cost relationship at an optimum level and being innovator, original and unrivaled.


  • Innovator
  • Desire to succeed the best
  • Expertise
  • Experience
  • Dynamism



  • To focus common goals of company by all employees.
  • To discover all employees’ potential.
  • To provide a synergy between departments.
  • To establish a human resources system that is required for institutionalization.
  • To improve the organizational structure.
  • To communicate well.
  • To ensure the justice in institution.
  • To improve and realize the management policies.

Our Application Areas

  • Manufacturing special machines.
  • Test systems.
  • Manufacturing microprocessor electronic card.
  • Installation of production lines.
  • Moving and robotic systems
  • Consultancy services
  • Manufacturing AGV and projecting it in place
  • ERP systems and Integrated Project Applications
  • Data collection systems.
  • AC, STEP, SERVO motor applications

Our Working Areas

  • Automotive Industry
  • Automotive Sub-Industry
  • Special Machine Manufacturers