Implementation Results:

  • It has flexible structure.
  • It has access to high-speed production and manufacturing.
  • It has provided to traceability and reporting.
  • Produced data dashboard (torque, barcode labels, etc.) are recognized by the system.


Equipment :

  • PLC : Siemens
  • Computer : Endüstriyel Pc
  • Communication : Ethernet/Profibus/RS232


Data Collection System :
To produce seat from costumers orders will fall into the pool of the system. To
transferred the plc when plc memory avaible. Data related to each workstation is logged in the seat of the generated SQL server database. Seats that are ready to be shipped is completed and production will be deleted from the PLC memory. Failure occurred in the system and saved to the database in unplanned stops. The seat to the desired data can be accessed retroactively.


System explanation :
There are main server pc to saving data and communicate costumer, siemens
s7-400 and 52 pieces profibus points in the system. The main feature of the system is to have fully flexible. There are totally 40 station on the 2 lines. Operations will be occurring in the system (tightening, read the barcode, poka yoke, etc.) and equipment used (tighten, barcode readers and external stations, etc.) can be introduced to the desired station as a parametric and operations to be performed at each station separately identifiable. The system aims at 100% of all seats to be shipped without errors. Server receives orders from customers including data for a seat and PLC transmits to produce. According to orders from the PLC will determine what action will be held in which the station.bug reports to the seat at the last station is removed and the repair station is also provided Repair showing that operator errors. Right before they are shipped, and the left rear seat reading the barcode correctly matched and this is shipped by sending information to the completion of the production system.